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Family Business

Fromberg Edelstein Fromberg has worked closely with generations of family business owners and executives. Our goal in these relationships is to facilitate the success and growth of our clients’ businesses as they transition between generations of ownership. To that end, we provide advice related to governance, risk management, employment, real estate and tax matters, as well as continuity and succession planning. In addition, we help family business owners anticipate risk and conflict through each stage of their business life cycle. By strengthening our clients’ family businesses, we endeavor to strengthen unity among the family members we serve.

As family businesses pass from generation to generation, transferring ownership control and assets can be a complex and emotional process. Our attorneys work with families to do advance planning for these transitions, minimizing conflict and stress. We apply our knowledge of what makes such transitions successful to our clients’ immediate needs and long-term goals, and those of each generation involved. If disputes arise within the family as part of this process, our attorneys are highly skilled at dealing with those conflicts and negotiating them to resolution.

Family business succession planning is a vital component for any closely-held business owner’s estate plan. We coordinate our efforts to plan business ownership transfers using methods that satisfy our clients’ personal objectives while minimizing risk and tax burdens.

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