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Business Disputes

Fromberg Edelstein Fromberg’s proactive approach strives to put our clients in a position of strength when business and commercial disputes arise. We help them weigh the pros and cons of alternative dispute resolution options available, including mediation and arbitration. If pre-suit negotiations fail, our experienced team of litigators and business attorneys work closely together to aggressively pursue judicial relief in the courts or defend any claims brought against our clients. As we assist business owners and individuals in resolving disputes, we allocate our resources efficiently while maintaining focus on our clients’ goals and objectives.

We have substantial experience with many types of business disputes, including ownership disputes, transaction disputes and derivative actions. Ownership disputes occur when owners, directors and officers of a business disagree with regard to operations or the terms of an agreement among them. Transaction disputes relate to the purchase or sale of a business entity and often encompass issues such as contracts, leases or joint venture agreements. Derivative actions involve claims against directors and officers brought on the business’s behalf by a key stakeholder to pursue what he or she believes is in the entity’s best interest. Our attorneys are adept at representing clients on either side of these disputes, setting reasonable expectations and aggressively pursuing our client’s position. In addition, we are able to assist clients in the enforcement of commercial collections, including the garnishment of bank accounts or wages and the placement of liens on property.

Often central to these disputes are business tort and fraud claims or breach of contract claims. Our attorneys have a depth of experience asserting and defending these claims for clients. In the case of business torts and fraud, we work closely with clients to analyze the facts of their cases and develop a sound basis to advocate for, or defend against, accusations of misrepresentation or interference. When breach of contract claims are brought by or against our clients, our attorneys carefully analyze the terms of the agreement and alleged violations to design an effective strategy for success.

Fromberg Edelstein Fromberg attorneys are well versed in pursuing emergency injunctive relief for clients whose business interests are under threat. Through temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, we take aggressive action to assist clients whose matters cannot withstand the traditional due process timeline.

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